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My name is Jeremy Donson. I have played drums over 25 years and taught professionally since 2008. I am a Carnegie Hall & Royal Conservatory of Music Certified teacher. In 2011 I became the ONLY drum instructor in the USA to found Carnegie Hall and the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Music Achievement Program. I have taught many award winning drum lines, and performed in several bands & Broadway musicals. I was taught by Ken “Nardo” Murray, who was Dolly Parton’s drummer for 9 years and played with many other famous bands throughout his career, and also by John Graham, a DCI (Drum Corp International) drum tech.  In 2017, I was published as one of the top 7 best YouTube channels for learning how play the drums. 

https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/best-youtube-channels-learn-drums/  Again in 2021 https://blog.feedspot.com/drums_youtube_channels/


My aim, as a teacher, is to bring a positive environment and make it easy for students to enjoy the process of learning an instrument. In lessons, I help students break down songs and concepts into “bite size” pieces to master, using different strategies to tackle any challenges that come. Any new concept is immediately used and applied by playing it in a song. Students want to learn to PLAY the instrument, so students get to spend the majority of the lesson playing songs (with concise instruction from me, as needed).

I can take students in most any direction/style they want to go on their instrument. Many students start with learning to read music, but others enjoy learning chords and how to improvise and write their own songs first. Still others have specific songs they want to be able to play. I have students that love to play country music, pop, classical, rock, and other styles. The content of the lessons is tailor made for each student, so they can succeed and reach their goals for enrolling at this school. For me, the most rewarding part of teaching is helping people step into who they are and bring out what’s on the inside of them. Everyone can get better at singing or playing his/her instrument and I love to be there to help make it easier for them to grow quickly.

I can’t wait to see you in the studio!
A little about my background, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. I have over 20 years of playing and singing experience. Performed in a variety of groups, including choir, honor band, jazz band, drum corps, and musical theater. I am a former university music faculty, I developed a university music class combining piano, ear training, and music theory. As well as a worship leader in various churches and settings as a music director of a children.

Philip Roxas

Hey! My name is Philip, I’m a self taught musician and have been playing guitar for over 18 years. I enjoy playing a variety of different music, but mostly known for my acoustic pop and soft rock style of playing. I currently lead worship for my church, am the head administrator for the music class at my school, and play for a rock band called Providence Road. Some of my biggest influences are John Mayer, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, and The Beatles, all who have really influenced my own writing of music.
I have been teaching music to students both young and old for the last three years and have really enjoyed it. My main instrument is acoustic/rhythm guitar, but also specialize in electric/lead guitar, piano/keyboard, vocals, bass, and song-writing. As a full-time teacher at a school for my day time job, I love seeing my students learn more about things they are passionate about and I think music is one of those creative outlets for them to show how unique they are. My approach with my music lessons is to always get to know my students first. I always strive for my students to be the best they can be depending on where they are and where I see they can go.

Dylan Sempsrott

My goal as a teacher is to help my students become the musicians they’ve always wanted to be, whether that’s playing for people or just for themselves. Music is an expression and we should all be able to express ourselves; I prefer to express myself by hitting things with sticks!My instructor was and still is Jeremy Donson, The Drum Professor, The ONLY Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Accredited Drummer and he has taught me everything I know up to this point.
I have been teaching for over a year now and I love it. I like to make my lesson environment one that is supportive and encouraging. I love to engage with my students and really help them learn and grow as musicians, beyond just being able to play a song.
The most rewarding part of teaching for me is finding each student’s individual learning style because every student is different and has a unique way of learning. The greatest part about being a teacher is when I see a student complete a song they’ve been working on, or work through a part they’ve been struggling with after I showed them a way that clicks and they say, “Oh I see now!”

William Bishop

I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that it won’t work.”
– Thomas Edison on inventing the lightbulb
As an educator and musician, I strive to help my students make connections through music. I motivate my students to step out of their comfort zone, not be afraid of failure, and how to learn from mistakes and be a better musician and person for it.

I find the most joy from seeing my students’ understanding of music grow and how they eventually apply it to other aspects of their lives beyond music. My students and I will explore various concepts and building blocks of musical skills such as music literacy, technical skills specific to their instrument and proper practice techniques that are fundamental so that they can approach any song and learn it. We will also try to make deeper connections to learn more about the origins of music in our culture. Through my lessons, my students will learn more than music; they will learn to problem solve and do so independently. They will also learn to be goal-setters and take ownership of their progress and be proud of the work that they have put in to achieve success. I teach music and guide their exploration of this magnificent artform all while we have fun doing it!

Brett Smith

Hello! My name is Brett Smith. I am so excited to get to work with you all and explore what music has to offer for each and every one of you! Just to tell you a little bit about myself: I am originally from East Texas and spent my entire childhood and teenage years there. After graduating high school, I moved to Oklahoma City to attend college at Southern Nazarene University where I graduated with a degree in vocal and instrumental music education. I have spent the last three years teaching choir, band, and orchestra in schools to lots of gifted kiddos, and I am super excited to be
teaching in this great new school!

I got my start in music in middle school when I took piano and trumpet lessons from my aunt. She helped to place a passion for music in my life and helped me feel confident in joining the school band when I went to high school. While there, I played keyboard instruments in the percussion section and really fell in love with percussion in general. After that, I decided that I wanted to teach music and help to give other people a passion and love for music. I practiced and learned how to play and teach all sorts of instruments, and I hope to be able to share some of that knowledge with all of you!

Caleb Simonds

I want to help you to express yourself through music. I strive to create a fun and positive learning environment for all of my students no matter the ability level or instrument. I have taught students of all ability levels and interests. Music is about expressing yourself through your instrument. Whether you want to play something by Lindsey Stirling, Queen, or Beethoven, I can help you play whatever you want.

I was raised in Arizona and started learning piano from my great aunt when I was 6. I enjoyed learning piano but it wasn’t until I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert several years later that I started to fall in love with playing music. I bought one of their songbooks and pushed myself to learn their music. In middle school, I started learning percussion in our school band. One of my high school teachers really pushed me and gave me the opportunity to help some younger students with reading music and learning their parts. This is what started me down the path to become a music teacher.

I continued to follow my passion for music and went to SNU in Oklahoma and there I began learning stringed instruments and got my bachelors degree in instrumental music education. Since then, I have been teaching orchestra in Oklahoma to middle school and high school students from beginners to advanced. I have been teaching the violin, viola, cello, bass, piano and percussion for over six years now. I look forward to teaching you and helping you to learn how to express yourself through music

Ruby Lee

As a piano teacher specialized in early childhood education, my overarching goal is to stimulate interest and multi-sensory development in children towards music.

Students learn effectively through integrating music into their daily lives. In my lessons, we play and sing catchy songs designed to strengthen basic music concepts and build tonal and rhythmical perceptions. Gradually, my students extend what they learn in class to playtime at home. Some may recall songs on their toy xylophones, chant rhythms as they read, or sing the songs they learned when they bathe.

To promote sensory development, students will be moving around to feel the weight, flow, time, and space of music during my lessons. They will be singing and chanting with imagination, from falling like feathers to pushing against strong wind. For beginners, students learn how to use arm weight to generate different sounds on a piano. Then, they will be introduced to more sophisticated control of fingers, starting with the strongest (middle) finger.

My lessons help students build a strong foundation both in musical knowledge and technique. With the involvement of parents, my students are encouraged to practice diligently at home. An important aspect of music learning is performing. It helps students build confidence, practice good etiquette, and learn from others both as performers and audience. Through preparing for a recital, my students also learn how to construct a performance piece, practice with peers, and explore instruments besides the piano to make creative alternations. All recitals are recorded to track progress throughout the journey of music learning. Many of my students have been recognized in their music learning. These include passing their examinations in the Royal School of Music, U.K. with merit and distinctions, and performance awards at music festivals and competitions.