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Are you looking for engaging lessons you or your child will enjoy?

Where students easily move through their songs 2 times faster than in other studios? You’ve come to the right place! Many people didn’t enjoy their time in the school classroom. They struggled to learn, were bored because they weren’t interested in the subjects being taught, the teacher moved too quickly or too slow for the student, and overall it feels like a drudgery.

The accelerated music program is a breath of fresh air for our students.

Here, Jacob & Lucas get to explore music they are interested in, move at a pace that is perfect for them – not too fast or too slow – and gain the support to understand new concepts with ease and simplicity.

Mikey had been struggling to progress, as home practice was inconsistent. Once he joined the Accelerated program he flourished!

He went from struggling to remember note names and where to find them on his instrument, to reading notes and rhythms with ease and breezing through his book at a fast pace. He gets to play music learning games to help speed his progress as well.

In fact, he is learning to take ownership for his progress and learning to focus longer, which translates to doing better in school.

Students at E7 Music School enjoy how quickly they progress to be able to play the music they like.

Students enjoy the rewards of learning new skills and how many songs they learn. Students love sharing their growth with friends and family in performances.


As a student at E7 music school, you...

• Move at a pace that is perfect for you – not too fast or too slow
• Learn all your music in the lesson – so home practice is much easier with less fuss, and more time for everyday life.
• Move quickly through your songs. Growing 2-3 times faster than the average music student in the U.S.
• Explore music you are interested in & experience the reward of learning new skills.
• Are excited for how many songs you learn.
Take ownership for your progress and develop better focus in school and work.
• Love sharing your growth with friends and family in performances.
• Get extra practice time with a teacher to help you with your progress.
• Join a community that uplifts, motivates, and helps you in a very positive atmosphere!

Our accelerated music program offers you enjoyable and engaging lessons.

Each week you enjoy:

  1. One-hour, weekly lessons – You have more time with the teacher, develop consistent habits, and make progress through your songs
    2-3 times faster than the average pace.
  2. Learning all music at the lesson – so home practice is easier for you and even if you have a busy week, you will still make great progress..
  3. Opportunities to perform regularly, if desired – Within 6 months, and sometimes even as early as a few weeks of starting lessons, you get
    to experience the rewards of lessons early in their music education. You learn to musically express themselves and work toward a goal.
  4. Royal Conservatory of Music exams – You are able to enter the RCM exams within their first year, if they want to. All our students who
    have taken the exams pass the exam. We regularly have the top performing musicians in the students’ state. (Click here)

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